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13 September 2017

Problems in Love..and life!!

With all the problems that are going on in the world relationships should not be one of them. A relationship that has become stale and not moving forward but backwards is the type of relationship that will make one of the partners to seek a side relationship. A relationship where only 1 person is willing to SACRIFICE is just that a SINGLE relationship. Whereas a relationship where both partners SACRIFICE to each other is a healthy and enjoyable one. Seek out the ONE and then prepare to SACRIFICE so that both can enjoy what only some actually do, a life filled with LOVE.

30 March 2016

For the kids..

Guys and Gals when you are in a relationship where one or both of you has children from another mother or father please I beg of you do not and I repeat do not use them as pawns in you conquest to make the other coparent adgitated it only does more harm then helping. Childern emulate there surroundings and can often lash out at the wrong set of parents that are trying to help out.

18 January 2016

The Whole Package...

Guys and ladies when you start to get involved with the lady/guy friend that you assume that you might like to be with remember that some have children from other relationships that didn't quite work out for whatever reason. These children are part of the "whole package" that you must decide whether you accept both of them or not at all..for when you chose to be with them they start to gain the trust that you will not leave. Most children of parents that aren't together tend to be very depressed and tend to act out more because they want to be noticed by the birth parent which sometimes causes tension with the new person in their life but all in all they just want to be heard. Please remember that the only way to enjoy the new life that you are looking to start with is to accept that you will be different in the end by accepting the "Whole Package". Till tomorrow..

17 January 2016

Been a long time...

Been a very long time since I posted anything to my little baby blog..but I feel as though I was helping out people that really need that little push to find themselves and their partner that they wanted to be with so as of today I will try to make sure I post something new daily.

13 May 2014

Starting Back to the Basics

Been a while since I wrote anything on this blog, so here it goes!! Was asked by my wife the other day if I was going to start putting anything in my GGTWR blog cause she hadn't seen anything in it for a while so I figured I would start it back up and try to help others that need it. The first thing that I have to remind everyone I don't try to call myself a doctor or a psychiatrist, or even a relationship counselor...but I have been in may relationships both very good to the baddest..If you want me to answer something just ask!!

23 March 2013

The Teenage Feeling

For those of us that are no longer a "teenager", and have been out of the dating scene for a long time due to being a grown up in the real other words married with kids. It's hard to think of yourself getting back out there and actually dating someone again...well for me that has happened most recently and as the blog title says I have that "teenager" feeling again of the wanting to see my sweetheart as much as possible or to hear her voice on the other line, and now in the electronic era that we live in, I can't wait to receive that..Morning babe..text that says I have been thing of you and I'm here for you today. I kinda like this feeling and know that it grows from here so untill next time if you have any questions ask them...

11 March 2013

New Year...Same Me

Was going through my blog today and realized that I haven't started anything for the 2013, so with that being said if you want me to answer any question about what I have seen and been through and might just be able to help you....Leave me a message at **GGTWR or **44897 and if you don't want your name out there let me know when u message me..